The Alice Wonders

Children's book in German and English

Science in Wonderland

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curiouser & curiouser

Told like a tale

Sweet illustrations

Scientific explorations of 7 nonsensical Wonderland situations wrapped in sweet designs.

Science heroes

Meet heroines or heroes that made significant and real discoveries. They shaped the world we live in.

Fun experiments

Do fun and easy experiments to explore science through play.

Chapter intros

clear & concise

Children can follow Alice’s footsteps through the magic of a fairytale with its fascinating WHY’s. No more stumbling over difficult language; instead, playful illustrations in the style of sweets make it easy for kiddos to be curiouser. Let’s call it what it is, sugarcoated Wonderland science. 

Only €30

The ultimate mission of The Alice Wonders is to make science accessible and fun for kids at an early age, and open doors for them; just like the little “DRINK ME” bottle that made Alice shrink to get to Wonderland.


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Available in two languages

In German & English

Pre-order price €30